This Blog

The Stories of a Wandergirl, which started in 2013, is a blog written to take you to different destinations around the world through the author’s eyes and heart.

This blog covers travel tips, itineraries, and reviews for your guidance.

Each post will be filled with photos (a lot of them!), personal experiences (it might be too detailed!) and a lot musings.

I am also trying to be responsible and ethical traveler. With that, I will try my best to post information to help raise awareness.

This blog doesn’t just take you to the destination itself. It lets you experience the whole journey through each and every post.

The Stories of a Wandergirl hopes to inspire you to go out there, travel, and experience what the world and its people have to offer. It intends to inspire you.

The Stories of a Wandergirl hopes to show you about her true love of travel.

When you truly love something (or someone), acknowledge it. Go for it. Embrace it. When love is true, this world… or rather, this universe will make a path for you. When love is true, this universe will support you. It will help you. It will take you on a journey and there’s no turning back. Because when love is true, it will happen for you.