Bucket list, anyone?

I have an ever evolving bucket list, but I thought I should write down at least a few that I’ve been thinking about over the past years.

Just so you know, I never really thought I could travel early on. So, I didn’t have one before I starting going out and about.

In almost no particular order:

1. Chase the Aurora Borealis in one of the Arctic countries. See the Aurora Borealis and watch the lights dancing in the sky.
2. And try to Catch the Aurora Borealis again. Elsewhere, other than #1. 🙂
3. Go on an African Safari trip.
4. Witness the great migration in Africa.
5. Cruise through/visit Antartica.
6. Backpack across Southeast Asia.
7. Travel Asia and cross country borders by bus/train.
8. See the Holy land, whisper a prayer and leave a letter in Jerusalem’s wailing wall, the wall to heaven.
9. Go on a pilgrimage with my mom to Jerusalem.
10. Go to Jerusalem again.
11. Live in another country. – UAE, June 2009 to December 2012
12. Live in at least 3 different countries before 40.
13. Go on a mission trip, travel, volunteer: pay it forward, make an impact in other people’s lives.
14. Explore Norway.
15. Visit each country under the Schengen administration.
16. Go to Munich’s Oktoberfest. – September, 2015 with Alma and Nina
17. See the Lennon wall. – November, 2012
18. Go back to Prague and share your art (words or images) at the Lennon Wall.
19. Re-visit Venice with a different perspective, perhaps with my man, my one true love.
20. Finish another course (subjects e.g. philosophy or sociology or history) other than my past engineering courses
21. Swim with the Whale Sharks. – a very spontaneous trip to Donsol, February, 2016
22. Live off the beach, even for a little while. – Perhentian for 2 weeks (I was diving) from July 6 to 21, 2016
23. Watch El Clasico (FC Barcelona vs Ream Madrid) live in Camp Nou.
24. Paris. Definitely Paris with him, with the beautiful sun behind the Eiffel as our backdrop.
25. Do the lovers’ cliche in front of the Eiffel Tower.
26. Look nice strolling on the streets of Paris.
27. Go to Morocco from Spain. – done, October 17, 2015. Although, I flew from Sevilla to Marrakesh instead of taking a boat!
28. Visit the Moroccan Street Markets. – Marrakesh, Chefchaouen, Fes, September to October, 2015
29. Finally go on the long overdue Egypt+Jordan trips to see the great pyramids of Giza and Petra.
30. Visit the less congested pyramids of Giza.
31. Visit Petra, Jordan.
32. Swim at the dead sea.
33. Learn how to swim in open water and confidently do it.
34. Dive at the Red Sea.
35. Dive at Sipadan, Indonesia.
36. Walk at the Great Wall of China. – October, 2014 with Em
37. Learn to play another instrument other than the guitar, either a violin or a cello.
38. Get a tattoo from a Buddhist monk.
39. Play the drums with the monks in the mountain.
40. Get paid to travel.
41. Teach English in a non-English speaking country.
42. Give out a hundred postcards in my lifetime.
43. Speak a third language.
44. Visit Holland in spring and walk in a field full of tulips.
45. Attend an international film festival.
46. Have a full stomach from eating street food in China. – Beijing, October 2014 (Me and Em’s visit).
47. Feel at home in a library. – Khaosiung Public Library, June 2016
48. Watch a world cup match.
49. Travel the Philippines for at least a month.
50. Spend a night in a castle.
51. Have a feeling of peace and solidarity in the Grand Canyon.
52. Take a sabbatical and travel for at least 3 months. – does 88 days count? If yes, I did it last August 29 to November 24, 2015. If not, I’d be more than happy to do it again!
– June 3 to October 14, 2016 (Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia)
53. Go to New Orleans.
54. Explore Iceland.
55. See the Aurora Borealis in Iceland too.
56. And Sweden, if I can.
57. Sing in public (in front of total strangers) in another country and not die in shame. – Sang zombie in Langkawi, July 1×2, 2016
59. See the Swiss Alps.
60. Go to El Nido, Palawan. – Done! from March 6-9, 2016, and then explored more of Palawan before and after El Nido ^_^
61. See the Mayon Volcano. – done! from February 23, 2016… and got to take a side trip to Donsol to swim with the whale sharks too!
62. See the crater of Mt. Pinatubo.
63. Take Italian cooking lessons in Italy.
64. Fly business without paying for the upgrade 😀
65. Couch-surf. – August to October, 2016 in Indonesia
66. Tibet.
67. Go back to Nepal and re-visit the temples in Patar Durbar Square, Kathmandu.
68. Create my own Mandala in Bhaktapur, Kathmandu.
69. Take that spontaneous trip to Bolinao. — Done! 4/24/2015
70. Go to paradise and be in Amanpulo to escape the world.
71. Laos. Definitely Laos too.
72. Cross the Atlantic Ocean. – May 17 to 18, 2017 flight from Iran (via Moscow) to Dulles, VA
73. Insert travel while working (business trip!).
74. Insert work while travelling (to make ends meet!).
75. Watch a concert at Red Rocks.
76. And take a trip to Alaska.
77. See Batanes and just be there without any inhibitions.
78. Find and swim at the Enchanted River in Surigao.
79. Learn Portuguese
80. And German
81. And Arabic
82. And perhaps learn a few French words
83. Might as well learn Italian too!
84. Then backpack across South America and practice your Spanish and Portuguese.
85. Explore the Balkans
86. And go back to Croatia and see the Plitvice Lake.
87. And learn a thing or two about Malta while being there.
88. Explore Kenya.
89. Go to Camiguin. by February 7, 2016. Finally! It took me 8 long years to go! 🙂
90. Snorkel – started doing it in Port Barton, Palawan last March 4, 2016 and have continued doing it since then in all snorkeling opportunities 🙂
91. and Dive – went for my fun dive last March 13, 2016 and felt really awkward with the sea creatures!
– got my PADI as well!
92. Then dive once more and be addicted to it. – got my PADI on July 15, 2016
93. Trek the Taal volcano.
94. Ask for a hug from a stranger. – Brugges, November 2011
95. Get high. – Amsterdam, November 2011
Morocco – November 2015
96. Live in Spain. Learn Spanish and perhaps, the Flamenco as well.
97. Have a holiday in Maldives.
98. Explore the rest of Africa.
99. See the Easter Island in Chile with my own two eyes.
100. Stamp all the pages of my passport.
101. Be of service in Afghanistan.
102. Explore Incredible India.
103. Visit Greenland.
104. Go around the world at least once clock-wise and
105. counterclockwise.
106. Dive at Galapagos, Ecuador.
107. Witness coral spawning at least once in this lifetime.

3 thoughts on “Bucket list, anyone?

  1. GUS

    No. 7 – same here. Maski not in Norway, since the Northern Lights can be found in Lapland, Iceland, etc. Well, why not see them in all these places? 😀

    1. Yeah, true! Naisip ko nga baka mas mahirapan ako i-push dahil specific na Norway, pero at the same time, I could take it as a challenge. 🙂 seeing it in all places would be the best. 🙂

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