2017 and Counting: How Life Has Been


The last time I wrote something was a few days before my boyfriend arrived to visit me while having a mini-vacation from his 2-year sabbatical. At that time, I was having my mini-vacation at home which meant that I have my personal space for a creative outlet and of course, a laptop.

Once the traveling commenced, I unfortunately haven’t been diligent here. 🙁

Since then, I had…

Visited 3 new countries (YAY!!!), two with him and one by myself:
  • Myanmar
  • Iran
  • Mexico
Took a “vacation” from my “vacation aka long-term travel”

…which actually means staying in one place and not moving too much while taking shorter trips in between.

  • Philippines – side trips in Siquijor, Batangas (Punta Fuego), Ilocos Sur, and Ilocos Norte
  • USA – side trips in NY, DC, some destinations in Virginia, and Mexico
Spontaneously get my Advanced Open Water Certificate.
Be present with important family celebrations:
  • Valentines with my boyfriend (Philippines).
  • College graduation of my baby sister (USA).
  • 1st birthday of my favorite nephew (Philippines).
Couchsurfed a lot

…with my boyfriend for the rest of Iran and by myself in some places in Mexico.

Made really good local friends (cheers, my heart!).

As I sit and dwell on how my life has been over the past 2 years of traveling (and not working), I couldn’t help but be grateful on all the connections I’ve made, the places that I’ve seen, and the lessons I’ve learned about myself and this world. Truth be told, I still can’t place my emotions on where to move forward from here.

So I guess, while I try to figure that out, I will update this blog more often, just as how I’ve always wanted it to be: to inspire and to be inspired. I hope that by telling my stories, I could bring you to the places that I have been and be mesmerized by the world’s beauty as well.

Until the next post!

P.S. Photo above was in Bagan, Myanmar

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