Top 5 Favorites to Explore in Taiwan


Taiwan, a small island located in East Asia is one of the country’s that I consider close to my heart.  I must admit, it’s one of the top contenders in my ever growing list of favorites. They have beaches, mountains, modern cities, traditional temples, genuinely kind locals, and last but not the least, gastronomic delights!

It’s no wonder why over the past year, their tourism has significantly boomed.

For a small country with so much to see, it’s tricky to recommend the “must see.” Instead, as a first post (on hopefully a series of), I’d like to present to you my  “Top 5 Favorites” to Explore in… Taiwan:

#5 Beaches in Kenting

Located at the southernmost part of the country, Kenting has the best weather all over the country. With the South China Sea’s crashing waves, this destination offers swells for surfing, water-fun activities (jetski, banana boat, flying fish), beach bumming, and of course, swimming. It also makes for a very scenic drive, with the Pacific and the mountain on either sides.

Lots of beaches to explore and a fair share of untouched, secret ones. Even the popular beaches aren’t that occupied because a lot of people are seriously afraid of the sun!

Kenting Beach Taiwan (1280x967)Mild waves in Kenting

Kenting Taiwan (1280x960)A beach which is quite accessible and yet less popular. It was a nice one, actually.


#4 Tainan: The Gastronomic Center of Taiwan

Taiwanese people love their food. And loving food is no joke to them. All over the country, there are lots of night markets, food stalls, tea shops, and restaurants. But wait ’til you go to Tainan. This is where locals go when they travel for food.

Truth be told, I’ve never seen such food passion elsewhere except for the most gastronomic city in Taiwan. And as what I’ve said, food is no joke to them.

Tainan (1280x960) Tainan Flower Night Market

Tainan (2) (1280x962)Very long queue for a juice/smoothie, Anping, Tainan


#3 Jiufen

An old mining town located up in the mountains, Jiufen is just an hour away from New Taipei City. The scenic views and the old-fashioned streets would definitely make your visit worthwhile. Somehow, this town gives you the feeling of traveling back to the old Taiwan and at best, could even feel quite romantic.

Jiufen2 (1280x960)A Very Misty View of the Pacific Ocean, Jiufen

Jiufen (1280x959)Shuchi Old Street, Jiufen


#2 Taroko Gorge in Hualien

Also known as the Taroko National Park, is located in Hualien, just 2 hours away from Taipei. Steep valleys and marble cliffs, this majestic canyon is definitely exquisite and is definitely worth a visit.

Taroko Gorge Hualien Taiwan (2) (1280x960)The Eternal Spring Shrine, Taroko

Taroko Gorge Hualien Taiwan (1280x960)Shakadang Trail, Taroko


#1 Taipei City

As the capital and the main entry point of Taiwan, Taipei offers a variety of destinations for everyone. It has a lot of food-places, day and night markets, hot springs, trekking spots, modern buildings, museums, and a lot more!

It’s accessibility to get in and it’s proximity to my other favorites make it at the top of my list! Really, it’s a city you’d love to love!

One of my favorites is a climb up the Elephant Mountain, which offers the lovely skyline panorama of Taipei.

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Taipei Taiwan (1280x956)Chiang Kai Shek Memorial

Taipei 101 Elephant Mountain Taiwan (1280x960)City night sky, as seen from the Elephant Mountain


Writing this post makes me want to jump from my seat and take the next flight out to Taiwan! So, if you’re in for a long weekender, a food trip, or even a long holiday, you should consider these places when you go to Taiwan.

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