A Vision of Solitude, Mayon Volcano

The Mayon Volcano as the beautiful backdrop of Sumlang Lake

How can something so perfect, so beautiful be a source of both inspiration and destruction?

For a while, to see the Mayon Volcano has been a part of my bucketlist.

It wasn’t because of the history that this volcano has, the numerous eruptions that paved the way for destruction of homes and lives while at the same time, proved the resiliency of Filipinos.

DSC06794 (1280x853)The Mayon Volcano as seen from Casagwa Ruins

Neither was it because of the life it still has, the future that it may bring. Being the most active volcano in the country, it can still do so much more to mankind and its surroundings.

DSC06811 (1280x855)Hiding behind the clouds is the Mount Mayon, being shy, as seen from Embarcadero de Legazpi

No, my desire to see it wasn’t because of all those things.

Perhaps, it was the unpretentious beauty that it holds, the perfection that it has without even knowing it.

Quite possibly, it was the undeniable grandeur that it owns without even asking for it. For some reason, it will draw you in. It will catch your attention wherever you go, whether you’re at the airport, by the Sumlang lake, inside the bus, or at Embarcadero.

DSC06803 (1280x959)Myswaslf, kayaking around Sumlang Lake with the Mayon in view

Or maybe… just, maybe, its the subconscious connection with the stillness and the vision of solitude that it portrays. While at the same time, having the knowledge that in spite of its peaceful demeanor, it appears to have a lot of life within it, some kind of desire, and even secrets.

The idea of having solitude in spite of the chaos was what made me go to Legazpi on a whim. And so, I did. And to be rewarded with this vision, in spite of being evasive for the most part, was totally worth it.


After a laid back visit in Legazpi, extend your trip and go swim the whale sharks in Donsol, Sorsogon.

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