Blissful Moments in the Unspoiled Beach of Narra, Palawan

A beach in Narra, one of the unspoiled beaches in Palawan.

Most beach goers here in the Philippines have been accustomed to seeing a variety of white sand beaches. The beauty of white sand is by default, attributed to purity.

Before we arrived in a nearby beach in Narra, my cousin told “warned” me that what we were about to visit has black sand. Perhaps she downplayed the beach so as to lower any form of expectations.

That Saturday afternoon.

Well, I found out that it was actually gray.

Not that it mattered.

We spent a good hour (or two) taking in what the scenery had to offer. The kids played with the sand, writing their names and a few this and that, then after some time, some of them also played with the waves in the shallow water.

Some of us, adults, couldn’t help ourselves either. The beach was calling.

5510 (1280x854)Even at high tide, you’d probably need to walk 50 meters to have the water reach your knees.

Don’t let the gray sand fool you. Among all the beaches I’ve visited over the past few years, this, my friends, is one of the finest sand my feet have ever experienced.

And, this long stretch is unspoiled and almost deserted.

5509 (1280x960)A very long stretch of an almost deserted gray sand beach.

5511 (1280x960)

As this area was facing the east, this was probably the most of what I could get in chasing the sunset.

5508 (1280x960)


The morning after, Sunday.

Most of us are suckers when it comes to chasing sunsets and sunrises.

As we knew what to expect, me and my cousin aimed to catch the sunrise the morning after. I think my cousin’s husband already knew before we did… that we probably wouldn’t make it.

With lazy Sundays, savory breakfasts, and a toddler in tow, we found ourselves there by around 9 am.

I guess, we really did know what to expect!

5502 (1280x960)5506 (1280x960)5505 (1280x944)

A walk along the coast will show you hundreds of holes where shy tiny crabs have been hiding in their little abode. Almost translucent, you can barely see a few running past you.

5503 (1280x960)

Bliss in playing with the waves (toddler edition).

That day, there really wasn’t much to do except to enjoy a slow stroll by the shore or jump as the waves approach you in the shallow water. This was what I and my goddaughter did for the duration of our stay.

We waited for the waves to come in. And every time it did, I asked her to jump for us to catch it.

And then we’d laugh.

And then we’d do it all over again.

5504 (1280x960)What this little one didn’t know is that, as much as she had a superb time playing with the waves  her tita-ninang Kaye (myself) enjoyed it even more.

At the age of three, she might forget that moment. But maybe, the idea of playing with the waves will give her some recollection that only her tita-ninang can tell her of.

That will always be one of our blissful moments together. And perhaps once again we could play with the waves soon.

5507 (1280x960)

**A 2-hour van ride from San Jose terminal in Puerto Princesa leading halfway towards the south for Php 120 will take you to Narra, Palawan. 

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