When Love is True: A Tale of Travel

Do you believe that when love is true, it conquers all? That true love will take you places and will make you do crazy things even at your most logical state?

I do.

However, sometimes, we feel like love is not enough.

It’s during those times when our inhibitions and fears take over that we are put into a halt, a period of stagnation, beating ourselves for being our own ghost.

A few months into my sabbatical, I had to take a break as I needed to be at home physically. With no timeline set and deadline to beat, I reached a certain level of procrastination to the point where I started to get bored but I couldn’t leave just yet. And when I finally could, I was lost. I was lost among the myriad of destinations within the Philippines and I just couldn’t figure out where to go, how long shall I be going and where to start from there.

And then you stop all of these noises, stop the fickle-mindedness, mute all the hesitations and just go.

When love is true, our own heart will make us go while at the same time, the universe will make a path for us and give us exactly what we need at that moment in time.

This is how I’ve always felt in every trip that I’ve been to, especially in the past few months.


This is what happened on the 4th of February, 2016. I booked a flight for the day after to Cagayan de Oro to find my way to Camiguin and just be there. Be there in Camiguin to quench my thirst of travel. Be there to pursue that more than 7-years of missed opportunity to explore the island and see the sandbar that changes with respect to the tide.

Be there to open the possibility of seeing a few destinations nearby and perhaps chase the wind via a zipline, chase a waterfalls, and savor long drives far and away.

Like as if the universe really knew exactly what I needed, I was placed to catch a flight which I wanted to change last minute but the universe (actually, the ground attendant) didn’t allow me to do so. Even if I always believed that we are exactly where we’re supposed to be, I was irked but there’s only so much I could do. Little did I know that being in that flight would pave the way for me to know two people that I would end up traveling with. And in my conscious logical state, I modified my loose schedule and allowed myself to turn the “possible things for me to do” and something that “I would probably never do because of fear and my fused spine” into “things that I actually did”.

I didn’t know what I was going to do in Cagayan de Oro other than stop over the city en route to Camiguin.

I thought I will never chase the rapids and do the great white water rafting.

5102The Great White Water Rafting in Cagayan de Oro

I imagined squeezing in Bukidnon and perhaps ride a zipline to take the views in. But I hadn’t figured that out yet.

5103The launch tower of the 840m zipline in Dahilayan Forest Park, Bukidnon

I also had an idea to spare a day in Iligan to see the Maria Cristina falls and Tinago falls, but I had to find my way there after I savour Camiguin.

5104The Maria Cristina Falls

I’ve always dreamed but I never thought I will ever jump to the water in a waterfall. Even if it was on the sideline at the lowest part.

5105 Tinago Falls, Iligan City

Then, I actually did. All of it. Plus more.

5108One hot day along the road of Camiguin

Putting everything into perspective, I know in my heart that had I forced things, had I not met them, everything would be different. And now I can’t imagine how things would turn out. Truth be told, the impact they made is not just about me being able to see places with a companion. What they don’t realize is that meeting them is a true testament that when love is true and when we go for it, the universe will support you all the way. It will give way to opportunities and it will surround you with the right people. Always.

With that said, those memories will forever remain in my heart and I am humbled to have all of them in it.

5106That day and the people I’ve met

Most of the people I know think that I have the travel bug. Others think that this is just a phase and this too shall pass.

Regardless of those things, I know in my heart that traveling is pure love. And to embrace that love is a way of living.

5109View from the end of the walkway at Mt. Vulcan

When you feel it, acknowledge it. Embrace it. Things will work out and the universe will never get tired of helping you.

There may be bumps along the way but when love is true, you’ll know. The universe knows. And with all those things considered, everything will be set in place perfectly even without you knowing.

5110How can one not love the sunset? It will always be one of my favorites.

Happy hearts day, everyone! May your heart find what it’s looking for. May love conquer all! 🙂

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