Finding My Treasure: Leaving and Living

At the Sahara, Morocco, October 2015

Leaving your routine, the idea of your comfort zone, has always been nerve-wracking. You ask yourself, “Why am I even thinking of doing this when everything is nice, stable, and secured?” And so you go, return to the rest of your day, and move on. Then, when you take a step back and reflect at the rest of your life, you realize that although you are exactly where you’re supposed to be now, this is not where you want to be tomorrow. The rest of you’re life which is yet to unfold needs to you to be somewhere–anywhere, and figure things out. It needs you to make your own path, perhaps find a treasure, fulfill a dream, and be the person you are supposed to be. It needs you to do it now. You just need to find that courage and take a step–just one tiny step and then you’re off to a good start.

For years I have imagined leaving the security and comfort of having a job to travel the world. It was bound to happen. It was just me waiting for the “perfect time”. And then when I actually did quit, I started to have second thoughts. Thoughts such as “Am I not too old for this?”or “How do I start rolling again?” It was more about my courage, my confidence about facing the unknown that was wavering. Truth be told, there’s no perfect time. The longer you wait, the more you’d waver. There is, however, a thing called a calculated risk. This, you have to know. This, we have to talk about next time.

4402A glimpse of a variety of Morocco’s landscape, somewhere between Fes and Chefchaouen, November 2015

That’s when I knew I had to leave. Last July, my project at work was finally completed and a month later, I left my job to experience the rest of the world. The timing may seem a bit off to everyone, but trust me, it was just right. Even perfect, if you ask me.

4403The day I left for my journey, a view of the countryside en route to Paris, August 2015

Like a whirlwind, it was all happening too fast. The part where I packed my bags and left. The part where I’ve been to places I’ve never even heard of, let alone thought I’d be. The part where I’ve met a lot of locals and travelers alike, who had left an impression on me one way or another. The part where I got to witness how each detail of my daily decisions led me to where I was supposed to be right after. The part where almost everything came as a surprise and the unknown has become my comfort zone.

4404For some reason, I found myself walking in Lisbon. Who would’ve thought? Photo taken by Yes!Hostel-Lisbon, October 2015

I was a bit emotionally lost before I started my journey, unsure of what the future holds. Quite frankly, I still am… not sure of where I would head to. But after a few months of traveling, I have started to get a clearer vision of tomorrow. It gave me a game plan on my next move. It gave me the freedom to trust my best instincts and at the same time, listen to my heart. It also made me truly understand how “time” is really just a concept and it’s never too late to take a hold of it and do something and live it.

To date, I’ve explored places that I haven’t even heard of until the day (or two) before I got there. I’m also taking a break from my so-called break to spend the holidays at home while I accomplish some documents for the idea of taking graduate program next fall. Until then, I will go on with the rest of my journey. I live for it, so I probably wouldn’t even stop!

And now, as I write this, I couldn’t be more grateful enough that I have finally started my journey to find my treasure and realize my dream–just like in Paulo Coelho’s the Alchemist. Perhaps the treasure is the kind of life that we have chosen to live or the person that we have aspired to be, which, gives us the peace and happiness that our souls have longed desired. Or perhaps, the true treasure is the person that we would become as the journey unfolds. Attuned to the world, ever evolving, ever learning.

4405Sunset at Chefchaouen, Morocco, November 2015

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