Supertrees Grove, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

For a small country, Singapore does things rather HUGE. They don’t just do simple things. They just reclaim 101 hectares of land, put up Gardens by the Bay, and of course, place the space-needle-like-UFO-like Super Trees.

Gardens by the Bay is conveniently located by the Marina Bay, easily accessible through the MRT at the Bayfront stop. A leisurely walk from the MRT for around 10 minutes or so would bring you across the bay. By October 2014, we finally got there! 🙂



Surprisingly for us, we also found the Marina Bay Sands across our target destination. I guess this is how things go if you’re going around without any pressure of seeing the must-see.


Crossing the bay, we went face to face with a really huge park. We hadn’t known it yet, back then. We just thought that Gardens by the Bay= Supertrees Grove, which is why we intentionally skipped the whole park and made our way to where those Supertrees were.

A friend of ours told us that it is better viewed at a certain time of the day. I couldn’t really remember if it was with or without the sun. Seeing the Supertrees Grove with natural light (just before the sunset) was overwhelming. From what I’ve read (conveniently displayed there), the trees were built in such a way that they mimic what a real plant does. It stores both solar energy and water for the purpose of lighting and irrigation, respectively. “11 Supertrees are embedded with environmentally sustainable functions like photovoltaic cells to harvest solar energy.”

Just, WOW!


With all the space around, there was a place for everyone. It really felt like a park. People found themselves sitting under the base of the trees.

The Supertrees aren’t just a fancy display. They are comprised of what an actual garden usually is made of: (thousands of) plants with a variety of ferns, flowers, orchids, etc.


When the darkness of the night came, the sight of the Supertrees told a different story. If you thought they couldn’t look any better, then, you are mistaken.

No. More. WOW. Just. WOAH!


There are two Super trees that are linked with a very long walkway above (OCBC Skywalk). It’s probably a good place to have a different view of the gardens and the Singapore skyline. We didn’t bother going up though. We were pretty happy just being under it at that time.

After spending roughly 2 hours, it was time for us to head out. Maybe next time, we could see the light and sound display at night. Hopefully, we could also explore above or away. 😀


Quick Tip:

Getting there, just drop by the the Bayfront MRT station and walk towards the Marina area.
Admission to the Supertrees is FREE and it is open from 5am to 2am. For me, it’s best viewed at night. 😉 [Let me know if you were able to see the light and sound display, because we weren’t able to catch it!]
Admission to the OCBC skywalk is SGD5, and it’s open from 9am to 9pm (last ticket sale, 8pm, while last entry is at 8:30pm).

Customary touristy photo: FREE.


Happy hearts day! x

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0 thoughts on “Supertrees Grove, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

  1. This is a very well-done post. Well written, well photographed, well informed. I’ve been to Singapore a number of times, but all before any of all this was built. I guess I’ll have to go again!

    1. Hi! Thanks for the nice words, I appreciate it. 🙂 It would’ve been lovely to visit the whole Gardens by the Bay, but it is sooo big, we only managed to check the Supertrees. You definitely have to back there again, and share with us the progress of Singapore from when you last saw it. 🙂

      1. I stayed in a run-down Chinese hotel one block behind Raffles. I can still remember the name: Ang On…because I went there a number of times while in Singapore. A soup stall just around the corner. US$10 a night.

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