Walking the Night Away, Singapore

Singapore is one of those countries that most of my friends have immediately ticked down in their travel list. Some of them have moved there for greener pastures as well. As for me, it took me a while. Not that I don’t want to, but for some reason, I’ve delayed my travel thoughts when it came to Singapore. I must admit, it, being a highly modern city is one of the factors. At the moment, I still couldn’t get enough of everything ancient and historical… and Singapore is the opposite. But of course, if any travel opportunity arises, then who am I to say no? Right?

3815Surprised to be caught in the middle of a mural-filled underpass in Singapore while walking the night away.

Right. So, when a good friend of mine found out that there is, again, a promo fare for the chosen one: Singapore, then are we going to say no to that? No. Freakin’. Way.

Fast forward to 4 months after we booked our trip, which was last October 2014, we flew to Singapore.

We didn’t really have an itinerary when we went there, which was really great. We didn’t want to stress ourselves with the “where to go today, tomorrow, and the next few days” stuff. Besides, Singapore is small, organized, and has a highly efficient public transportation. Add that to the fact that we have friends who have traveled, stayed, lived, and live there.

Clarke Quay


One of the places that our kind friends took us was at the Clarke Quay. It’s one of the most frequented places to hangout for both locals and expats. It is a riverside quay in Singapore which was previously used for trade and transport. Now, it is lined restaurants, clubs, and a mall.

Looking from a distance, across the river, I found the view quite interesting. It looked so fun, colorful and alive. The ferry looked inviting as well.

There was even a reverse bungee (for a group of 3), which is something that I’d probably brave before my surgery (same goes with bungee jumping etc). Now, thinking about how painful it might be with my titanium, I think I’d pass. 🙂


Crossing the bridge to that direction was an interesting experience though. There was some kind of music jamming in the middle of the bridge which I would’ve paused for and enjoyed. However, the overwhelming amount of men hanging out by the bridge was kind of intimidating. I felt like walking past by them I’d be graded or something (imagine a real life “Tinder”). I was probably assuming and it was probably nothing. (One of our friends even joked if we liked a certain bunch, which I quickly dismissed. He also joked that we didn’t have to go with them anymore if in case we found someone interesting, which again, I dismissed). [Nope. No photo.]

By the time we reached the other end of the bridge, I found comfort. There was an event in lieu of Oktoberfest and a band was playing in the open area. We stayed for a while and later, my high school friends arrived while my earlier companions left for the night.


Interesting enough, we ate dinner at the most nonchalant Chili’s that I’ve encountered. I would’ve shared with your some interesting incidents there but my storytelling-over-the-blog wouldn’t compare to how I re-enact the whole thing. 😀 The food was good though, in spite of the service. Nevertheless, we were quite satisfied!

Let me introduce to you my friends since I was 12 (turning 13). 🙂


We wandered the rest of the night walking here and there. We did the Clarke Quay walk part 2. The crowd in the bridge area dispersed and there were women this time. And beer.


We walked around,  particularly the outer region, not passing by the crowded bars and restaurants. The view is lovelier from the bridge across it.


The thing about wandering with friends “who actually know where to go” is that sometimes, your sense of direction disappears. If you’d ask me right now which part of the map I took this photo from, then I’d think of it as an application in an Integral Calculus problem: difficult but can be solved.


After the Clarke Quay walk, it started raining. My friend was thinking that a walk around Fort Canning Park (if my memory serves me right) might be nice, but we ended up just walking farther away once the rain stopped.

Now, here’s where the light-hearted fun truly began.


One of the tunnels/underpass near Clarke Quay has a mural with a very inviting playground display. We were fortunate enough to come across this. There really wasn’t any reason to go to the tunnel. We just thought it might be nice, for a change. And look at where our feet brought us!


Boat Quay

Walking farther, we reached the Boat Quay area. If you’d walk along the path of the riverside, you’d get a good view of the Boat Quay skyscrapers and pass along a nicely colored bridge.There was an interesting place to hang out by the Raffles statue. A band just finished playing when we passed by, and it was probably closing off.

3816 3817 3818 3819 3820 3821

There were interesting statues all over the place. Really. Interesting.



And our last tunnel for the night.


It was actually getting late, and if I wasn’t crashing with another friend’s house, then I’d probably spend the rest of the night out (til dawn) doing nothing with my HS friends. Actually, one of my friends suggested we cross towards the Marina. But I didn’t want my other friends (whom I was crashing with) to worry and inevitably stay up late. Once we saw the Esplanade, we decided to stop and call it a night.

A view of the Esplanade and the Singapore Flyer.


I actually couldn’t believe that we reached that far at a quick pace… at midnight… amidst the drizzle! 🙂

Walking the night away at Singapore is one of the most spontaneous walks I’ve had in a long time. It was really nice to have a glimpse of the night and see the difference at morning. Leave it to my friends to guide me wherever their feet felt like walking at unholy hours 🙂 Trust that I couldn’t decipher where we were at that moment and couldn’t be bothered to care at all. I guess, if you’re walking with friends, then you won’t feel lost even if you totally are. Who cares about direction when you have a walking map anyway? It’s really nice to walk with the people you love.


For those who are planning to take a good walk at night, it was a nice experience to walk along the River, passing by the areas of:
1. Clarke Quay
– bars and restaurants area
If you want to check out the tunnels/underpass, the one with mural is just near Clarke Quay (somewhere between the reverse bungee area and Chili’s area).
2. Boat Quay
– skyscrapers (backdrop), statues, and “must-see” spots (Fullerton Hotel, Parliament House, Victoria Theatre).


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