The Year That Was: 2014 in Luck, Fate, and Several Weekenders

Each of us looks at things differently. What is important to others may not be important to you. And vice versa. For me, visiting places I’ve never been to and soaking myself in its complexity is what I treasure the most. And to be able to share it is a really great bonus.

It’s been months since I’ve written something and unfortunately, I allowed myself to slack around… Again!

At first I thought, this–2014–year would be slow. I mean, during the first half, nothing has made me excited apart from my weekend getaways (check out the first half of my the year that was here). Work was what it should be: work. And I was still not getting the hang of it. I counted days and waited for my weekend trips. Those got me through.

And then the latter half of 2014 happened. I still can’t grasp how overwhelming and incredibly amazing my year has been. I managed to stop counting. I know 2014 hasn’t come to an end yet, and I’m not rushing. But I can’t wait for that to happen to write this. This is long overdue.

Life and travels. And travels and life.

Luck? Fate? Either way, “to be able to wander” was meant for me.

With work schedule always getting in the way, the best I could do is going away for just the weekend. This was my bargain to keep my sanity. Since Christmas of 2013, I was able to “hoard” promo fares from a local budget airline popularly known as Cebu Pacific.

Quick side story: When I sent my mom a bouquet of flowers for the very first time last May (mother’s day), it didn’t occur to me that come June, that purchase would actually qualify me to a credit card raffle promo. To my surprise, I actually got picked as one of the lucky winners of travel vouchers last September. Vouchers that can take me to almost any city in the country, Southeast Asia, and even Australia. Cebu Pacific vouchers, to be specific.

Luck is such a funny thing. So does fate. If it isn’t the universe telling me to fly even more 😀


To date, I’ve only been able to use it to buy my mom and my aunt round trip tickets to Singapore. This was because my mother wanted to join me and my sister in Beijing which I figured would be difficult for. Rather than unintentionally making her feel bad, I thought that she should go on a trip which was easy and convenient with her sister. It turned out pretty great for them! 😀

Then, I was on a roll.

Come October, I started to utilize the remaining trips from my so-called hoarding.

Singapore, Singapore

First stop: Singapore. As what I always tell everyone, I am easy to ask out when it comes to easy stuff, mostly eating and traveling. That is, if I’m free. When a good friend of mine asked me to checkout Singapore, I immediately agreed albeit I was a bit hesitant.

It’s actually quite nice and not as I thought it would be. You know how cities are, right? Singapore is modern, disciplined, small, and has a highly efficient public transportation. It somehow reminded me of my stay in Dubai: modern and convenient.

350335043505 3506

Beijing, China

After coming back from SG, my sister and i were up to visit Beijing within a week’s time.

Oh Beijing! This was really overwhelming. I still can’t wrap my head around it and I couldn’t get enough.

As much as I want to elaborate Beijing in this post, it is not enough. So I guess, allow me to really find the time to make a separate comprehensive post on this one… FAST!

Nothing and noone could’be prepared us when we tried to take the city. My sister and I only wanted to visit the great wall. But then, we got so much more!

And… Yes, I walked the GREAT Freakin’ WALL of CHINA!!!

3507 3508

Siem Reap, Cambodia

And a month later, I went on a temple run at Siem Reap. Don’t take it literally. I walked, rode the tuk-tuk, and did everything all over again.

I wasn’t sure that I would actually be able to go this time because some weird feeling was stopping me from doing so.  I only managed to finalize my itinerary the night before and managed to get everything in place the day I left.

Some of the sites which have been made popular by movies like Tomb Raider have been covered by sea of tourists. To be able to catch some sites which haven’t been restored and almost empty was probably my favorite part.

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All of these places deserve a post of their own, and I can’t wait to get through all of it. Not that I’m done with the stories from earlier this year, or the previous years that are still waiting to be told.

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