More than Half a Year of Absence: So Far… So Good!

That Side of Baguio, As Viewed from BenCab Museum

It’s hard to believe I haven’t put anything for more than half a year! Allow me to summarize.

Excuses… Excuses…

So, just to give myself the satisfaction of “justifying” my absence, let me tell you that I had been very very busy. I started working again last December (2013) and THAT is eating up most of my time. It’s been more than a year post surgery and yes, I’ve started to go out and about again! 🙂 For some reason, my weekends are usually full. Then there’s the so-called “wedding and baptism season.” Have I really reached that age when everyone’s doing just that?

Talk about going back to the “real world” and wondering when to wander again.

First Half.

Fast forward, I am grateful to have been able to make a few trips here and there. 2014 started a bit slow for me. But thank goodness I was able to book several trips via the infamous piso-fare sale for a good part of this year. And apparently, there’s always this so-called perfect timing for a last-minute out of town escape! Hence, the quick getaways (by quick–I mean QUICK!) for the past few months.

If the weekend was my only chance–I’d grab it!

Shanghai, China


Last April, I went to Shanghai with my sister and oh! That was something. Can’t help but bring the “siblings attitude” in this trip 😛 It was fun and tiring at the same time.

Shanghai is quite a busy city. We had to visit the “must see” sites with our 3-day trip and trust me, it was tiring. Had it not been for the visa process, then we probably would not tire ourselves out. It was fun though!

(Above image: Yu Yuan Garden; Below: Nanjing and Shanghai Museum)

3203 3204

Baguio City

Then there was my nth trip to one of my favorite “next door” destinations: Baguio City. Even if my stay there was less than 2 full days, it was still sooo worth the trip! Here I go again with “I’m tired but I’m happy.”

(Both images taken at BenCab Museum. Update: Want to know more about BenCab Museum? Check out my post here.)


Manaoag, Pangasinan

Having the so-called “itchy feet/lakwatchera mode”, I grabbed the opportunity to visit Manaoag with my extended family. The drive was longer than our stay. I was more than happy to join though. May prayer is worth traveling for. 😀


Bangkok, Thailand

And as of last football season, Bangkok lifted the curfew just the day before I arrived! Up until a week before my flight, I wasn’t sure if I was going. I guess the news is sensationalized everywhere. It was a laid back and refreshing getaway.

(Images in order: Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Cha Tu Chak Weekend Market, Boateng of Germany)

3208 3209 3210

“Partying (NOT!)” / Hanging out somewhere in Bangkok while having glimpse of the football match of Germany and Jerome Boateng


With work literally eating up my day time, night time, weekends, and even my dreams (sometimes), I am grateful that this beautiful world out there is still waiting for me patiently.

Hopefully, I could keep up with my blog. Something to keep me sane and in touch with my wonderful wander-full world.

I’ll try to write about my latest trip (again) and do the “going back to where it all began” thing again. Hopefully. 😀

Yours Truly,



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8 thoughts on “More than Half a Year of Absence: So Far… So Good!

  1. Love the colours! <3 Have a beautiful day.
    the bbb blogger

  2. Welcome back. Happy to see you back around and blogging again.

  3. wow! its been a while. long time no hear, kate.
    i thought you have given up on wp blogging.
    good to know thats not the case.
    welcome back.
    look forward to reading your forthcoming posts.
    have a good weekend.

    1. Thanks! I appreciate this. 😀 Work has eaten a lot of “me” and I will try my very best not to let that happen again! And noooo… I will not give up on blogging. 🙂 I hope you had a good weekend as well!

  4. […] made me excited apart from my weekend getaways (check out the first half of my the year that was here). Work was what it should be: work. And I was still not getting the hang of it. I counted days and […]

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