Happiness in Simplicity, Anadolu Kavagi, Istanbul

Having taken the Bosphorus Tour, we were given an ample time to wander around its last stop, Anadolu Kavagi, before heading back for the return trip of our “cruise”. Anadolu Kavagi is a small fishing village located at the Asian side of Istanul. It’s like a small town and I feel like it’s the kind of place where everyone who lives there know each other.

For visitors who have a limited time, there isn’t so much to do here except eat at one of the restaurants by the port, and hike at the fortress uphill. It is the complete opposite of the city life at Istiklal. It’s basically one of those extremely laid back villages.

2701See that fortress at the top left side? That’s the fortress (called Yoros Kalesi) that we “hiked” when we got there.

With my desire to see things, I suggested for us to go and visit the said fortress. Upon arrival, we decided to search for it, walking past the seafood restaurants by the port, a few houses, and some interesting shops. Without a map available, we relied on the very few signage. It’s a good thing that there were a few visitors who’d arrived before us. We just followed them after we had mistakenly turned in one street (blame the very few signage around) and figured, we might have interpreted the directions incorrectly.

27032704An interesting shop we passed by.

2705The said shop sold puppets and different kinds of Turkish dolls.


Unsurprisingly, it was a bit of a hike that made us catch our breath from time to time. The best part of it was when one of the grandpas kept on talking (complaining in a funny way) and we can’t help but react on it until he finally reached the top after everyone cheered for him. He was so funny and yet so adorable. He made our so-called hike worth while.

2708 2709

2710I just can’t let this moment with the happy grandpa pass by!!

The so-called hike didn’t end here. A few more guided/paved steps and still around 10 minutes of walk before we were able to get to Yoros Kalesi. There were a lot of interesting and photo-worthy background (at least for me and my friend) along the way. Here are some of them.

2711 2712 2713 2714 2715

We eventually found the ruins of the fortress which was said to have existed since Byzantium. I feel like it’s poorly maintained, although I can’t be sure. There were a lot of trash in the surrounding area as well. That was basically it. What you see is what you get. A bit tired, we joined the rest of the crowd (who seemed to be doing their picnic) and hung out for a while.


We didn’t go around the fortress because we had to rush back down soon after our hangout/rest period. Also, there was an impending rainfall and to add up, we were hungry. There’s this thing called time check as well.

I, however, managed to take a few poses before heading back down. Pardon me, but I wanted to post some of it here (plus my relatives wanted to see “me” for some reason). 😀 Photos taken by my friend Racs.


We rushed back to the restaurants near the port. We didn’t have the luxury to search for the best restaurant and we thought that we’ll just eat where most of the people are having their meal.


After all, we’re in a fishing village, how can the seafood go wrong with that? Isn’t it, Racs?


See, she thought so too! 😛 Food always excites me and rarely do I get disappointed with that. My so-called “selfie” stopped already, so the photos end here.

Quick Tip:

There aren’t that many signage around. Go with the rest of the crowd and don’t be shy in asking for directions. 😀 For someone who prefers to do more exciting trips, then this isn’t for you. It’s for people who find a certain kind of joy in small and simple things. Sorry about that. 😛

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