A Lovely and Yummy Experience, Bohol Bee Farm

You’d have to excuse me in some of the photos. Every time I am with my family, the “views” or the “background” photos usually consist of our faces. Not sure if it’s a family thing or if it’s a Filipino thing. Maybe both. πŸ™‚


Okay, on with my thoughts…

I’ve never considered myself as a foodie. Why? Because I always find something good with almost every food I eat. I eat almost everything and it’s hard for me to be critical if I always get a happy tummy. The only time I would probably complain is if it was overpriced and if the ambiance wasn’t even worth to compensate for what the food lacked.

But this is one of those special places that needs a spotlight & shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Back in 2010, when I was still planning for our visit to Bohol, I came across one post about the Bohol Bee Farm–specifically their infamous buffet. Upon seeing the photos of the food, I knew we had to make it work with our upcoming vacation. The Bohol Bee Farm Resort is a farm that offers different kinds of amenities, restaurants, activities, cozy accommodation, and values organic farming and produce all at the same time. Although we couldn’t spend the night there due to our limited time, trying out their food was something we couldn’t pass up.

Upon arriving at the farm, we immediately went to look for the restaurant that serves the buffet. No reservations were necessary.


We were led to the outdoor restaurant with bamboo floor & wooden ceiling. It was quite a sight. It felt homey and very refreshing. The displays, furniture, and the design didn’t feel “forced”. It looked and felt natural.Β The fresh air brushes through your skin and the natural light of the sun shines through. Β It looked and felt beautiful. Β It’s my kind of style. πŸ™‚

Although it was the peak season, the restaurant wasn’t full and we were able to get a nice table overlooking the sea.


As we wait for our food to be served, we decided to explore the area for a while. We went down to an unassuming stairway that I initially thought was a bit steep. But upon taking a peek of that deck, it was a no-brainer.


It was a place of serenity & anyone would just fall in love with nature’s beauty. It has an amazing panoramic view of the sea and this deck is really spacious. It would’ve been nice to stay there and just take everything in, whether you want to hangout, sunbathe, contemplate, or anything under the sun!


Since it was a summer, it was really hot and the sun was blinding (you could notice that in my sister’s face). No one was sun bathing at that time, maybe because it was in the middle of the day (peak of sunkiss)? But I saw someone walking nearby (at the water). I wondered if it was okay to swim. Honestly, the thought of it seems fun, but I am a bit intimidated without the sand on my feet. I’ve gotten used to beach + sandy shores. I find it quite painful to walk in coral rocks. But I guess having the right footwear isn’t a bad idea after all.

We went back up to our table after our quick sightseeing because the heat was draining our hungry selves and we only had a few more hours to spend before we catch our ferry to Cebu. We have to maximize what we have at that moment. Yes, time-management as what they call it. πŸ˜‰

Finally, our food had arrived. Fresh, all organic ingredients, eat-all-you-can goodness– how can anything go wrong with that? Just as lovely as the restaurant’s style, the food is also quite a sight. It’s popularly known as the Bohol Bee Farm Buffet. But there isn’t really a buffet table. You actually order it as a set menu and once you finish what they’ve served, they will just refill it as per your heart’s desire.

1912sCab-cab with Pesto and Green Tomato

1913sOrganic Garden Salad (with edible flowers)

1913sOrganic Red Rice with Camote

1914sGrilled Marlin

1915sSeafood Lasagna

1916sSeafood soup

1917sHoney Glazed Chicken and Baked Spare Ribs


Although I’ve expected this, the garden salad still caught my attention! It has flowers–blue, pink, and orange ones… and it’s just so beautiful, isn’t it? We were assured that it’s edible because the bees eat it as well. We tried it, and with the honey mustard dressing, it tasted just as lovely as it looked. Without it, it tasted like a plant.

We spent a good time eating there, devouring everything. And although it is a buffet (but I really think it’s more appropriate for them to refer to it as an eat-all-you-can set menu), we weren’t able to eat more than what we can. Unfortunately, I still haven’t “developed” my appetite’s extreme capacity during this time, compared to what it can hold on to now. No kidding.

Apart from what’s shown here, we were also served with their camote bread with different spreads, lemongrass juice, and their yummy homemade ice cream.

It’s quite hard to talk/write about this now while looking at the photos. Seriously, if I can, I would hop on a plane and find myself there RFN.

After eating, we decided to check out the store which sold some of the products that we’ve eaten (dips, bread, ice cream etc). I really want to try their other products (specifically the other flavors of ice cream), but I was already full. However, I still managed to try the other dips in their sample area.

They also sell a few products such as bags, accessories, and displays which are produced locally in the farm.


Bohol Bee Farm has so much to offer aside from their fresh, all organic food. Yes, it is actually a farm and there’s really a specific bee area somewhere along the farm (which you get to see during the tour). What I love about this place is how much they support and promote organic farming. It’s a relief to know that what you’re eating is free from fertilizers and that this place genuinely encourages this type of method. And of course, their location and the view is just perfect.Β Apart from what they could offer to us as a resort, the activities they have are very diverse and highly educational (farm tour, raffia making, sewing, crafts, organic farming, diving). They don’t just practice it among themselves, they try to promote it to their guests as well. True to what they say, it is really evident that they want to give back to the environment and the community.

Unfortunately, our time only permitted for us to spend it with their sumptuous meal and a small area to explore. But it’s a good thing to know about what they have to offer, and next time, our days here would be more full.

Whoever is behind the Bohol Bee Farm, kudos to you.


For more information, you may visit their website here.

They also sell some of their products online here.

Additional Notes:

1. To avail the buffet, there should be a minimum of 2 guests. Those who don’t want a buffet could opt for A La Carte. There are a lot of food options.

2. Prices in 2010 are: Php 550/person (2 pax) , php 550/person (3 to 5 pax), and Php 420/person (6 pax & above).

As per my research, prices now is Php 600/person (2 pax).Β For more info, contact them directly

3. Although I haven’t tried to stay there overnight, I truly recommend for you to try it because of what the place has to offer.

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0 thoughts on “A Lovely and Yummy Experience, Bohol Bee Farm

  1. Perhaps I missed this in the post, but the places is called Bohol Bee Farm…were there actually bees all over the place?

    1. Not all over the place. The farm is huge and there’s a specific area for the bees (bee farming) apart from the area for the other stuff (other amenities, other area for the organic farming, area for the basket/bag weaving). This area that we were was where the restaurant was located and down the cliff was where there’s a deck overlooking the sea.

      1. A bee farm would be one of the scariest things ever for me to visit. Bees terrify me. The only thing that could make it worse would be if it was a bee, snake, and large dog farm.

        1. Bees scare the shit out of me as well. I freak out at a sight of one. But the food here and the ambiance is awesome. Plus there’s a specific area for the bees & guests who wants to tour the farm could see it. Not mandatory πŸ™‚
          Now that you’ve mentioned, I think this province (Bohol) is also the home of the largest snake in the country. That, we didn’t bother.

          1. It was probably in your best interests not to bother the snake. That said, independent of the bee farm, the place you went looks like it had delicious food.

  2. hi kate,

    beautiful pics, looks like a very nice place for a (family) holiday.
    i may just come to you for a few recommendations in due course πŸ˜‰
    (nothing beats local knowledge)
    wishing you a good weekend ahead.

    very best regards,

    1. hi kap,

      thanks πŸ˜€ indeed it’s a good place to spend the holiday especially if it’s being spent with someone. πŸ™‚ oh yes please do, if you need anything, let me know and I’ll try my best to help. πŸ˜€

      have a great weekend as well!

      all the best,

  3. What a gorgeous place. The food looks amazing!

    1. indeed, it is! and so is the food πŸ™‚

  4. Outstanding post.Amazing pictures.The food looks so delicious..Regards.

    1. Thank you for the nice words πŸ™‚ Indeed, the food is amazing!! πŸ˜€

  5. Shivering at the thought of a bee farm (I am not a fan of insects!) but the food looks worth the risk.

    Great pictures of a beautiful place!

    1. Indeed! Though nothing to worry about the bees… they’re concentrated in a specific bee-area in the farm. The farm is pretty huge and I’ve yet to go around it. πŸ™‚

      Thank you! πŸ™‚

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