Random: I Miss Dubai

No, I’m not Ms. Dubai. I just miss it. πŸ˜› And I think I need to take a quick break from talking about Nepal (will probably continue tomorrow :P).

Well, I used to live there. My plane arrived on June 24, 2009 and 3 years 5 months 3 weeks later, I left. So even if I only say that “I liked living there because it’s… convenient”, I know deep within, there’s so much more.

Enough with the drama. Huhuhu

Dubai Random 1

Here are a few random stuff I had back when I was still living there.

1. Directions to my old flat, October 2010.

A very detailed map I drew off MS Paint in roughly 15 minutes for a friend that I met in Barcelona (2010) who’s crashing at our place for a few days for a “vacation from a vacation.” Yes dear friends, if you’re not psycho, I’d let you crash in too. πŸ™‚

It was funny because I told her that it is impossible for her to get lost with my map. Well, had I added an extra detail, she might already.

R01 bahay ko dati -map

2. Β Jumeirah Beach and the Burj Al Arab, May 2011.

As viewed from a restaurant called Pierchic in Madinat Jumeirah.

A friend of mine had a birthday celebration in Pierchic.Β The whole trip to the restaurant is quite an attraction itself (both the hotel and the restaurant) which I hope to share eventually, once I get to that part of the post. Please, stay with me!

R02 Burj

3. The formerly known as Burj Dubai, which is now known as Burl Khalifa, December 2009.

At that time, it was less than a month before it’s inauguration… And then they changed it’s name! I think it’s for His Royal Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, ruler of Abu Dhabi and president of UAE. I’m not sure if the “rumors” as to the reason why were true. Anyway, what do I know?

Photo taken along Sheikh Zayed Road inside a cab en route to Sharjah to celebrate Christmas with my extended family.

R03 DSC00001

4. MALE TOILET without the letter “i”: MALE TO LET, July 2010.

Any takers? Not me.

I can’t remember where I took this photo exactly. Probably in the Mall of the Emirates (by process of elimination). I only took notice when a friend of mine pointed it out, asking me if I needed a man, because there’s a “male to let.” It took me a few seconds to get it.

R04 DSC00170

5. Something yummy from a restaurant called “Social House” in Dubai Mall, October 2010.

I deeply apologize if I can’t remember what it’s called. You see, I eat like a hard laborer and I eat almost anything! I just know this one’s really yummy, and even better because one of my bff’s bought this for us. πŸ˜€

R05 DSC00286

Can I call this Random Fridays? πŸ™‚
***I wish that… May this post also guide you to some of the “must see” places in Dubai. πŸ˜‰

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0 thoughts on “Random: I Miss Dubai

  1. Not so random: I need to get to Dubai! …I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this place.

    1. Yes, Dubai and the UAE as a whole is a pretty interesting place. Sort of a crossover between the traditional Arab Muslim country and modern/timely facade. I hope you get to see it for yourself soon πŸ™‚

  2. I’d love to check out the beach in Dubai and that restaurant you ate at. My parents are dropping by there for a day before flying to London to visit me, so I will suggest that they check it out.

    1. Oh yes! I could give a few suggestions for them to check out on a day’s trip. Everything’s accessible via cab and the main tourist spots to visit is a 15-20 minute cab ride. I had a friend before who stopped over for a good 5 hours so minus the airport thingy, we were able to bring him around for 3 hours. I was so sleepy at work the day after :))

  3. I have a friend who lives in Dubai. She keeps telling me how wonderful of a city it is, though I admit I don’t think I’d like living there due to the heat.

    1. Yeah, the heat during summer is really bad. But the extreme heat usually lasts for only a few months (end of june til september) then the weather gets to be “just warm” or even cooler (by december). It’s an interesting place to live at.

  4. Great post — awesome photo of the Burl Khalifa!

    1. Thank you! Oh, the Burj Khalifa is awesome, my photo however was mediocre. But I appreciate you telling me otherwise. Hehe πŸ˜€

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