Life’s A Beach: Nasugbu, Batangas

Earlier this year, I was invited by my friends to join a weekend getaway in Batangas. We’ve rented a house, named Forest Cove Beach House just beside Punta Fuego.

After years of not seeing most of them, it was about time for me to reconnect again.

Batangas is located at the southwest area of Luzon which is around a 3-hour drive from Manila. It is one of the most common locations for weekend getaways from the city because of the beaches and its proximity.

Upon arriving late in the afternoon, we decided to settle in first…


… and check our play area.


The swimming had to wait until tomorrow because it was getting a bit dark.

My idea of a weekend getaway by the beach is more of a laid back kind. Something that would consist of just hanging out, talking, singing, swimming, some walking, and a good day’s rest. I know it sounds lazy but that’s what beachin’ around means to me. This weekend however was something new. It was a bit more fun (or a less subtle than “over the top”) for a laid back person such as myself.

Other than the typical movies, food and booze, my friends also brought games for entertainment. I wasn’t used to playing much of these. I was never a competitive kind of person. I was accustomed to just observing card games in the past, let alone be a front runner in a variety of friendly games! The rest of them, however, are the exact opposite.

I was a dark horse. My athleticism does not exist.

The drinking coincided as the night grew deeper. Have I mentioned that the losers drink every time they lose? Double the fun because it’s on top of the booze each is already having. I guess i won in that category! 🙁


A brand new day consisted mostly of dancing, eating, and…


… my favorite: chilling out.


We did swim later in the afternoon and even rode a banana boat, which unfortunately did not transcend well into photos.

I took a few more during my morning walk the day after.


Eventually, it was time for us to go. The weekend was over, back to the routine.


A last look (for now) of the glass house we stayed in over the weekend.


I saw these big shells at a fisherman’s boat and found it really beautiful. Here’s from me to you, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I had living it 😀


About Forest Cove Beach House:
1. It’s a beach house for rent just beside Punta Fuego. The beach is very accessible, just a 2 minute walk from the house.
2. All the basic facilities in the house are inclusive in the rent.
**You can cook, grill, and make yourselves feel at home in this vacation house without the hassles of thinking “who’se going to wash the dishes?”. 😉
3. I find it a bit expensive – but that’s me being frugal.:)

Update: as of February 2016 (Get in touch with Forest Cove Beach House! Full details and could be found on their FB page here.)

June 1 to March 31
Sunday to Friday
2-4pax – One room only – php7000*
5-10pax – Two rooms – php12000*
11-16pax – Three rooms – php17000
2-16pax – Three rooms – php18000

April 1 to May 31
Sunday to Friday
2-4pax – One room only – php7000*
5-10pax – Two rooms – php12000*
11-16pax – Three rooms – php17000
Saturday and Holy Week (Holy Thursday-Saturday)
2-16pax – Three rooms – PHP20000
*if 1 or 2 rooms only are rented, the other unused rooms will be locked.

**This post is a part of my Life’s a Beach! beach-lovin’ series.**

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